Here you can find out about my work and listen to your inner voice, if a session for you fits to your sences.

For 13 years, I have been working successfully and now in 6 countries with my healing energetic sessions, which take place on the one hand personally or by phone. My work consists of accompanying people during their self-development. People come to me who ask themselves the important and most important questions: namely, who they are and what the meaning of their existence is.

By the rising energetic frequencies that are spreading universally, everyone is inevitably thrown back on themselves and it is the task of each individual to wonder if his or her own life is fulfilled, healthy and experienced in truth and love. As we are holistic beings, we are called upon to refrain from all confusion and distracting world mechanisms and to encounter ourselves in our essential entity.

In our essence and in the experience of these are the cradles of our potentials; the limitlessness of our possibilities and experiences, about which nobody has informed us at times in the traditional training institutions. Bringing one’s own wisdom of life requires researcher and courageous pioneering spirit, because the knowledge of who you really are and which potetials are within you, no one can answer you better than you yourself. In this Western world much training content is based on the strengthening of external perception , social status and binding ownership. So it is striking that science about the inner realms (from ancient Greek ἐσωτερικός esōterikós ‘inwardly’, belonging to the inner realm) was still backward situated until recently. The scientific areas of quantum physics now provide measurable evidence of what seers, healers and people-facing personalities have been practicing for centuries.

I was born with clairvoyant abilities and the synchronicities of my life led me to stations that enabled me to gain knowledge in the medical and scientific fields. My training as a chemical engineer enabled me to internalize further advanced skills in the areas of meta-and quantum physics, and to pass them human-oriented to those who want to come closer to themselves and their truthfulness and to experience a holistic life.

From my own experience I know that it takes courage to go the way of the heart and the love and I would like to let you know that this is the way of freedom and unlimited possibilities.

Ask yourself when it is the right time for you to experience yourself with all your creative potential and live happily ever after.

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