Single Session



The current energetic enhancements of the universal frequencies are designed to give you some information about their own creative qualities. Every circumstance of life that you experience offers you the wealth of choices to make your way into awareness, or to be dragged along and out of your position. Leaving one’s own postition and the lack of “standing there” runs promptly into levels of experience that lead you resonantly into the decrease of your own life energy (Chi, Prana). Low-frequency feelings such as sadness and depression, restlessness, anxiety and listlessness are indications that you are obviously still on the way to discovering yourself and your self-empowerment. In this respect, these “unwelcome” frequencies are door openers to your own completion of your essential essence.


Being self-empowered means accepting one’s own creative powers and living them with awareness. Self-empowerment raises you and your life to the highest vibration frequency – the unconditional (self) love.

The path to self-empowerment is described as the royal road; It means courage to choose this path for yourself and to go it. He will ask you to unconditionally encounter yourself: in the form of your beliefs and conditioning, your manifesting and transforming abilities.


During the individual sessions you will clarify for yourself which living conditions for you to manifest and which ones to transform. At this point, it should be noted that this is about strengthening your own power in terms of your self-love and pointing out the influencing aspects that affect you and your environment from this life and, as it were, from past lives.

The relevant aspect of the individual sessions is of a healing energetic nature, which are free of magical influences or subtle entities. Energetic transfers are relaxing, redeeming, replenishing and strengthening you in keeping your position and focus on your life goals.

My Single Healing Individual sessions include:

1. Dissolve karmic patterns

2. Energetic-informative transmission of energies for reprogramming in the consciousness of the client in order to trigger an increase in self-healing powers.

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