Forcefield Experience

The force field is used to visualize your own energy field – your aura. It includes the four cardinal directions with their associated elements and their forces acting in them. All of these elemental powers are contained in you, you were born of them. In recognizing the creative powers and loving care, alchemy is the new age. Far from magical activity that is polarly oriented, the all-pervading element of the ether unites all of the creative forces in you and they work through you.

It should be pointed out here that the alchemy of the new time is free from judgmental principles and interference, but is dedicated to devotion to one’s soul plan. Since the jump in consciousness in 2012 she has become tangibly powerful and gradually dissolves the magical work, which has an influencing effect and always demands a “price”.


The force field opens a portal into the subtle realms for you, allowing you to communicate, heal, recognize, and find power to follow your soul plan and give your essence the radiance that comes from the high vibration of your self-love.
It should be noted here that the force field experiences have gained so much popularity that all other training events have taken shape through the association Kraftfeld e.V.

More information regarding the force field experience will be found on the new homepage, which is currently being developed.

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