Dream Clarification

Dreams are the key to the subconscious and they serve us on many levels to process experiences and to show the development possibilities of the soul.

For every conscious and evolving human being, good access to the memory of dream scenarios is an important aspect in order to integrate the inspirations and suggestions from the subconscious into the conscious being.

In the medial dream clarification I let myself with all sensitive senses on the description of the experienced dream, as well as on the personal energy field. Distant from the usually too general symbol interpretation, I explain in detail the messages from the experienced dream landscape in a personal conversation or on request also by mail.

At this point, I would like to point out that in the time of Rauhnächte, 24.12. – 06.01. every year, offers development sheets. Since the time of the Rauhnächte are characterized by special influences that favor the prophecy of their own dreams for the coming year intenisv, the conscious perception of these 11 days and 12 nights is especially recommended.


Rauhnächte 2018/2019

Dear fellow travelers!

From October 2018 new registrations for the Rauhnachts Accompaniment are possible. As my Rauhnachts Accompaniment is now offered in 6 countries, an early registration is recommended, since the places are limited to 100 participants.

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